The #VOICESTRONG movement was created in response to the numerous and continuing threats that the voiceover industry has been facing as of late. Lowering rates, rampant additional usage without compensation, an exodus of clients from the union and so called “pay to play” casting sites which encourage talent to undercut each other and then pocket large portions of the client’s budget for themselves are detrimentally affecting the way we all do business. Fortunately this movement is gaining momentum daily and the hashtag is being used by voice actors, talent agents, ad agencies and other voice seekers to show our commitment to fighting these trends and preserving our craft.

Popularized on the YouTube channel The Outspoken with Erik Sheppard it has since been adopted by the VO Agent Alliance, an organization comprised of top voiceover talent agencies from around the world dedicated to fairness, integrity and professionalism. We are proud to be founding members and continue to be outspoken and fierce advocates for all who work in and with the voiceover profession.