Over the past years the name "Sheppard" has become synonymous with voiceover. Our passion for the craft and the industry is unmatched and our dedication to the service of our talent and our esteemed clients is our primary focus. We are not simply active within the community but are recognized as an authority on this rapidly changing and evolving industry and as tireless advocates for those involved, both talent and buyers. Voiceover is all we do and have done for decades.

Our Stellar Roster

The Sheppard Agency connects casting professionals, advertising agencies, directors and producers with the world’s most recognized and in-demand union and non-union voice actors and actresses. We have scoured the globe to find the most outstanding and professional talent and our elite roster collectively represents the absolute best of what the industry has to offer. These are the voices you hear every day on film, television and radio because they represent the pinnacle of the art form.

Auditioning Talent

Please click on one of the categories to the left to hear talent offering demos within that genre or choose an individual talent name from the drop down menu to hear more from a specific member of our roster. Alternatively, you may contact us at any time with the details of your project and we will provide you with an audition package comprised of custom reads from suitable talent for you to choose from.

Our Thanks

Your production requires the finest voice talent available for your customer, client or audience. We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and are confident that we will be able to fill your voiceover needs. We look forward to talking for you.

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