Your Chance To Harass a Big Time Fancy Pants Voiceover Talent Agent

Looking to get the inside scoop on what makes voiceover agents tick?  Want to know why they haven’t returned your calls?  Do they really listen to all those CDs you have been sending in over the years?  Is it true they feast on the blood of the innocent and will only sign talent who have given their souls to Satan?1

The next guest on The Erik And Ember Show will be hotshot talent agent Billy Serow from Abrams Artists Agency in New York which, for those who may not know, is a particularly prestigious rep to have in these parts and many a young talent have tear stained pillow cases from staying up late dreaming about walking into their gleaming offices.

The question asking thingy over on the right (under the podcast player) has been reopened for the occasion so here is your chance to suggest your question and Ember and I will in turn ask Mr. Serow.  Got it?  Good.  Use this opportunity wisely young ones.  If your question is particularly stupid feel free to submit it anonymously to avoid bringing shame to your family.

1. This is true but I doubt he’ll admit it.

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