Voiceover Studio Decor: Custom Waveform Canvas Prints

Martha here with another installment of Home Studio Decor.  There are a few companies who offer this kind of thing but these are the nicest I have seen.  Record your phrase, upload the audio, choose your canvas size and color scheme then pay through the nose.


Purchase information here: Vapor Sky

3 Comments to “Voiceover Studio Decor: Custom Waveform Canvas Prints”

  1. Jodi Krangle says:

    Oooo. Cool though. :) Love how the colors show up on black! Now … if I actually had wall space available where I record … ;)

  2. Vapor Sky says:

    Thank you for the review! It’s great to see that someone agrees with us, that although there are other artwork out there like these, ours are the highest quality. We appreciate you sharing Resonant Decor with your readers.

  3. michael cotic says:

    i would like to get a canvas print of my voice

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