Voiceover Pajamas Now Available

Holy crud, I can’t believe our blog software still works, it’s been forever since a post.  Anywho…

A recent blog post by the lovely and talented Paul Strikwerda regarding his awesome book “Making Money in Your PJs” got me thinking that I had not actually seen any voiceover themed pajamas.  Obviously that needed to be rectified.  Lindsay and I were kind enough to come up with an outstanding design for you and we are offering it on PJs through the VTP Cafe Press shop.  As with all of the junk up there, this is just for fun and so we offer these at absolutely no markup over cost so we don’t see one thin dime.

Too cool!

It should be obvious to anyone who has ever had the pleasure of meeting me that I voice, even from home, in a tailored suit but we thought you slobs might enjoy these.

Get em’ HERE before they are all gone!1

1. These will not actually ever be gone but that sounded kinda cool.  You might want to get some before everyone else does though and your hipster cred is gone.

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  1. This appeal to Verizon, while humiliating, really shouldn’t be needed. Why would they stop offering upgrades?

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