Voiceover Mixer Updates

Hey gang, just a few updates on The Second Annual Voiceover Mixer coming up on December 5th.

As of a few days ago we reached capacity and are no longer able to take RSVPs.  While we feel terrible about turning people away we do not want to have us crammed in there like sardines like we were last year.  If your name is not on the official guest list on our Events page you will not be admitted by the doorman so please double check so that you do not have to suffer the embarrassment of having to look at us through the window while a single tear falls and warms your windswept cheek.1 While more than a few guests understandably canceled their reservations upon learning that Philip Banks will be in attendance, we are still way over 200. I’m sure a good time will be had by all. They tell me the last few hours of last year’s mixer was fun as well but I have to take their word for it.

We also have a couple more fabulous prizes that were donated by the fine philanthropic folks below:

  • Mark Davidson of VoiceOverDirectory.com will be with us and he has kindly donated a certificate worth 200 bucks off any of the services offered by his fine website.  They have a pretty comprehensive casting directory over there as well as a few other things (be sure to sign up for the Voice Over Today newsletter) so say Hi to Mark while you are there and click the link above now to check them out.
  • The lovely and talented Sunday Muse will be there live and in person too and one lucky winner will receive a signed copy of her new book, “You Can Do Cartoon Voices, Too!”  She seems to be getting rave reviews.  For example:

“Sunday is like a modern day Pied Piper – leading her young actors into the world of animation,
filled with imagination, fun, laughter and ultimately success!”

-Debra Toffan /Voice & Casting Director
Arthur, Caillou, Free Willy (tv series), & Erky Perky

Nice.  You can read more reviews and, of course, buy a copy for yourself at the link above.2

Incredibly, we also received word that the gifted and highly esteemed voice actor Bearataur3 (not to be confused with Bearsharktopus) will be with us as well.  So, yeah, there’s that too.

1. Actually, a few of the more popular kids there might get a kick out of that.
2. Do it.
3. Are these pictures even remotely funny?  I cant even tell anymore.

5 Comments to “Voiceover Mixer Updates”

  1. Philip Banks says:

    We still need to whittle numbers down so permit me, if I may, to remind people that I AM DEFINITELY ATTENDING. Most of the four hour event will be devoted to my performance of Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace using the medium of contemporary dance. The musical accompaniment will be supplied by Angus Moncreath (aged 8) playing the Eflat disemboweled Republican Senator.

  2. Philip Banks says:

    Not aged “sunglasses wearing smiley emoticon” at all – Angus is Aged 8 !

  3. [...] 1. Actually, a few of the more popular kids there might get a kick out of that. 2. Do it. 3. Are these pictures even remotely funny?

  4. Philip Banks says:

    No they’re not ……so sorry about that. Clever? Yes. Funny? No.

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