The Voice Of A Rutabaga: Photoshop Contest!

UPDATE: The deadline has been extended to March 20th so you heathens can finish puking up green beer from the weekend parties.

Those of you who have been around the voiceover block more than once may remember a few years back when a voice talent could get by using just their pipes and their first and last names.  Enter the successes of such notables as Caryn Clark and Julie Williams with their memorable tag-lines and logos (as well as the encouragement of a few coaches) and now just about everybody with a Snowball has jumped on the brandwagon.1 Couple this with the undeniable explosion in the numbers of people who have taken a shine to the biz as of late, and the market has become saturated with cutesy catchphrases and slogans.  I can count on my fingers and toes the number of talents I have come across in just the past month who compare their voices to various foodstuffs, emotional states or any one of a variety of woodland creatures.  To be fair, I do have thirteen toes and my left hand is really more of a flipper2 but you get the idea.

Please understand that my intention is not to be negative, this is just another of my exceedingly brilliant observations about the business that I have been kind enough to ruminate upon here for your benefit.  It certainly doesn’t bother me any how a person chooses to market themselves, some of them are quite inventive and some of them crack me up to no end.

Where will his voice turnip next?3

So obviously I suck at Photoshop.  Perhaps you can do better.  Your mission is to come up with the most ridiculous branding you can think of and send it to [email protected] or link to it in the comments of this post.  After one week all entries will be posted here (with credit and a link) and a contest winner will be named for the most creative and/or groan inducing.  The lucky winner will receive a Voice Talent Productions T-shirt, a Voice-Over Xtra hat, Julie Williams’ “Proven Voice-Over Techniques”, the accolades of their peers and the smug self-satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

Honestly, if you can’t get lucky wearing these then just give up.

Your worthiness will be determined by myself, September Day Leach, John Florian and Julie Williams but, in a way, isn’t it always?  The contest ends at 10am Eastern on March 16th so get crackin’ and get those jpegs in.

Erik Sheppard
“Today’s Voice”

1. Brandwagon © 2009, Erik Sheppard.  All rights reserved.
2. Stupid Thalidomide.
3. You can thank Ember for these tuber-related puns.  She has been severely reprimanded.

7 Comments to “The Voice Of A Rutabaga: Photoshop Contest!”

  1. Diane Havens says:

    Well, if I had Photoshop and knew how to use it, I’d enter with my one of my tag du jour lines. And it would be havenly. :D

  2. You wimp! Did you see the horror show I posted up there? I’m sure you can figure out a way to slap together something at least better than that.

  3. Diane Havens says:

    Nah — I don’t believe in doing things half-assed. Oh! Can I say that here?

  4. I saw this mentioned on the VO-BB but my computer’s so fraked up right now that I can barely get a simple photo paint program to work. But I’m interested to see the final entries.

    If the “Vox In Sox” concepts for my new website I’m working on were ready for viewing, I’d submit one of them.

    Eric, you need to add an “11″ to the volume knob on your turnip logo. Much funnier, because it goes one higher.

  5. Jodi Krangle says:

    Hee! This is *great*! Wish I had any graphic design talent myself … I actually just finished my branding a few months back and I’m almost ashamed to say that I have indeed, compared my sound to “various foodstuffs”. Sorry. (Just looking at my website makes me hungry. But then, I have a sweet TUSK.) I am *so* going to love seeing what folks come up with for this though. :D Thanks for letting me know about it, Erik! Looking forward to hearing more info on this in one of your shows. Keep up the great work, you two! All the best, — Jodi

  6. Amanda Geyer says:

    Did someone say “photoshop”?

  7. Hi Erik,
    Here’s my best effort to brand my hubby’s alter ego…Davey Gravy.

    Davey Gravy is the host of the most redonkulous podcast on the internet…Music To Kill Yourself To! You can hear some of our sponsors at *Warning…MTKYT is EXPLICIT, but you can laugh, we won’t tell anyone.

    I’ll send you the image via email and you can post for me. I can’t post it…eek!

    Thanks, Erik.

    This was fun!

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