The Sexy New 2013 Voiceover Calendars Are Here!

Stuck on a last minute Holiday gift idea for that special voiceover person in your life?  Need to track the hundreds of days off you’ll have next year?  Have an ugly stain on your wall that needs to be covered up?  Are you just kinda pervy?1  Well you’re in luck!  We have you covered, no matter which way you swing:

Voiceover Vixens 2013 Wall Calendar

Hubba Hubba!


These glossy, full size, spiral bound 2013 wall calendars are now available in the VTP Shop.  Seriously, the ladies look absolutely lovely and there are a few beefcake guys in there if you can get past my hairy gut2 or Schoen’s hypnotic glare.  These were all done with a sense of humor and fun and 100% of the profits will be donated to the Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab so pick up 10 or 15 today.

1. Sicko.
2. No refunds!

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