The New York Meet-Up

When I’m not busy fighting fires or volunteering at the orphanage, I occasionally make public appearances.  Apparently word got out that I would be in Manhattan this past Saturday and I was swarmed by voice talent looking for my autograph.  We really are a good looking bunch.1

UPDATE FOR KAT: The guest list included myself, Diane Havens with her hubby and honorary voice talent John, Liz de Nesnera, Melissa Ex, Trish Basanyi, Haneen Arafat, Allison Scussel, Lee Gordon, Dave McCrea, French talent Gilles Motais, Veronica Shea, Michael Berkowitz and Lisa Farrel.

Suspiciously absent and so getting grief here: Peter Ganim.
Not pictured: Kara Edwards.2

1. Well, most of us. You know who you are.
2. She wasn’t there, yet I’m still surprised she isn’t pictured.

9 Comments to “The New York Meet-Up”

  1. A Motley looking crew to be sure.

    Yet I’ve never seen a gathering of VO’s that wasn’t!

    Best always,
    - Peter

  2. Kat Keesling says:


    Thanks for sharing this, Erik.

    Can you label who everyone is?


  3. Terry Daniel says:

    Damn! I wish I lived closer! Looked like fun!

  4. It WAS a blast!
    A motley crew to be sure, but a FUN bunch NO doubt! :-)

    Let’s do it again SOON!



  5. OK…so here’s the breakdown:

    1 – Trish Basanyi, Melissa Ex, Erik
    2 – Gilles Motais, John (Diane Havens’ DH)
    3 – Diane Havens
    4 – (from left) Melissa from the back, Erik, Liz de Nesnera, Dave McCrea (Liz’s BIL), Michael Berkowitz, Lee Gordon, Lisa Farrel, Allison Scussel, Diane, Trish (from the back)
    5 – Ditto
    6 – Ditto
    7 – Back Row: Veronica Shea, Lee Gordon, Melissa Ex, Diane Havens, Haneen, Erik Sheppard, Michael Berkowitz, Jennifer (Friend of Melissa’s)
    Front Row: Lisa Farrel, Liz, Dave (Liz’s BIL), Alisson, Trish Basanyi
    8 – Ditto
    9 – Ditto
    10 – Jennifer (Friend of Melissa’s)
    11 – Liz (looking possessed!)
    12 – Diane & Erik
    13 – Lee
    14 – Gilles
    15 – Haneen Arafat
    16 – Trish
    17 – Diane & Michael
    18 – John
    19 – Erik & Lee
    20 – Dave
    21 – Erik & Trish
    22 – Erik & Liz
    23 – Haneen, Liz, Dave
    24 – Giles, John, Allison, Erik
    25 – Diane & Erik
    26 to the end…group shots…you should be able to figure the rest out! :-)



  6. Thanks Liz! I was putting together a list to update this post when I saw your comment. Gille’s last name was escaping me and I had forgot you were there so this was helpful.

  7. I know…I’m such a wallflower!…easy to forget me! ;-)



  8. Bob Souer says:


    What great fun to see all of you folks having so much fun together. You don’t look motley to me, but what do I know?

    Be well,

  9. Diane Havens says:

    Hmm. Well, we might have been varied in appearance, and in that sense motley, but not to the point of incongruence, since I noted no incompatibility. So I don’t think the word fits.

    (Am I overthinking this?)


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