The Erik and Ember Show Episode Four: Billy Serow

Well we were finally able to get some phone time with New York super-agent Billy Serow and bothered him with some of your questions.  He was so impressed with them that he decided to sign all of you who wrote in on the spot.  You should be expecting a phone call from him any minute now.  I’m kidding of course, he scoffed indignantly at most of them but I edited those parts out so if you just close your eyes and listen it sounds as though he was touched.

Actually, he could not have been nicer and gave some pretty helpful insights from the other side of the glass.  Seriously guys, grab one of your crayons and write this stuff down because it is gold.1 Can you imagine actually learning a thing or two from this ridiculous show?  I’m just as surprised as the rest of you.  I think I have to go lay down now.

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We are still kind of screwing around with the audio on these things because Skype kind of sucks but we are at a loss as to what else to use.  Ember and Billy sound pretty good on this one although for some reason I sound like I’m at the bottom of a well.  Really though, what do you guys want for free?

1. The advice, not the crayon dummy.

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