The Cool Kids

When I’m not busy water skiing over sharks in my leather jacket or starting jukeboxes with my fists, sometimes I hang out with the other cool kids just to see what kind of trouble we can get into.1 “The Man” is always trying to take away our microphones but they just better watch out who they’re messin with.

The gang, smoking behind the school after the Marice Tobias workshop on Sunday:

pictured: Bob “The Knife” Souer,2 Melissa “Ex-con” Exelberth, Trish “Stiletto” Basanyi, Diane “Spike” Havens, John “Brass Knuckles” Havens, Rick “Killer” Party.

1. Take that society!
2. Bob appears courtesy of The Bob Souer World Tourâ„¢

3 Comments to “The Cool Kids”

  1. Diane Havens says:

    Erik “Abbadabbadoo” Sheppard brought the meeting to order — and it was great to hang with the whole gang — super to finally meet those out-of-towners. Old Town Bar was the perfect spot for it as we were able to get through many mugs of agenda items.
    — Spike

  2. Erik

    Great to see you all. Thanks for the post.

    Best always,
    - Peter

  3. J.S. Gilbert says:

    Everytime I visit this blog I long for a decent slice of pizza, an egg cream and some quality cheesecake, served to me by a little bald man name Morty who ends every transaction by saying “Sumting else?”

    Give my regards to Broadway.

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