The Erik And Ember Show Episode Three: Ann DeWig

It’s time once again to settle into your favorite armchair, pour yourself a nice snifter of brandy and enjoy the wonder that is The Erik and Ember Show.  Our guest this time around is the incredibly talented movie theater voice talent and Super Bowl promo girl Ann DeWig.  She does some other stuff too but they escape me at the moment.  Said Ann of appearing on the show, “Thank you both from the bottom of my heart for finally getting me the international exposure I so crave.  You are both truly the most remarkable asset this industry has.  God bless you for your tireless work and creativity.”1

Listen in to the heartfelt and courageous tale of how, as a young breakdancer desperately trying to save her father’s arcade, she has a chance encounter with a talking robot who thinks he is a real boy and together with their woodland creature pals Whiskers and Be-Bop they finally discover the true meaning of friendship and what it takes to be a voiceover artist.

Will she ultimately find love with a dashing young podcast host?  Tune in to the player over on the right or check out the show on iTunes to find out!2

For more about Ann, please visit her site at

Ann’s demos from her Voiceover Universe page:

Find more VO demos like this on VU

1. Or something like that.
2. SPOILER ALERT: She does, but unfortunately for me it was with Ember.  I wish you both happiness together.