How to Audition Like A Champ!

Look, I hear a million auditions a day.  I know which ones suck, which are great and most importantly… which ones get booked.  I can also tell you how to make sure your auditions are in the latter categories.

Check out the details of the latest webinar coming up Wednesday, August 15th though Xtra HERE.

I’ll be candid and honest and awesome as usual and will give you an agents perspective on how to, you know, get work.  There is no way you will leave this thing without completely rethinking the way you have been auditioning.  Heavy.

A little something to get you psyched up:

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Voice Over Xtra Now Offering Webinars

Everybody’s favorite voiceover website Voice Over Xtra run by everybody’s favorite voiceover actor John Florian has just announced they will begin offering a series of educational webinars.1 Cool.  They are kicking things off with “The Business of Voiceovers: Getting Started and Growing Your Career” offered by the renowned and respected voice coach Bettye Zoller.  The live webinar takes place this November 19th at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific.  It costs less than 40 bucks and if you can’t make the webinar you also receive a free downloadable2 recording.  Check it:

Why attend? Discover and review …

* Today’s business model for successful voice actors
* Where the jobs are
* How a newcomer gets started
* How to build a successful career
* The types of voice-over jobs today
* Pitfalls to avoid to make a fair wage as both voice talent & audio engineer
* What to put on your first demo
* Today’s streams of income for voice talents
* How to make yourself known to agents & ad agencies
* Resources for continuing your success
* Much, much more!

Should you attend? YES, if you are …

* A relative newcomer to voice-overs, or
* A working pro who wants to rise above the competition and “work smarter” online and in the “real world”

So there you have it, a great coach working with a great site run by a great guy and you read it here first on a great blog written by an even greater guy. What more could you want? Clickity-click3 over HERE to get the full scoop and to sign up.

1. Spellcheck is not exactly down yet with the term “webinar”
2. It’s not happy with this one either.
3. I think I just broke it.