The Erik and Ember Show Episode Two: Heather Halley

Aaaaaand were back.

My new girlfriend Grammy girl Heather Halley took a break from being generally awesome to have a chat with us about the nature of the universe.  Clickity click the player over on the right for the goods.  Super special thanks to Heather for being our guest and putting up with our shenanigans.  To learn more about Heather pop on over to and luxuriate in her greatness.</gush>

Our next guest will be Super Bowl promo voice Ann DeWig.  Be sure to leave your questions for her under the player then squeal with delight as we mention your name on the show like a bona fide internet superhero.  Also, be sure to leave your comments for Heather here and perhaps she will take the time to read them.  Try not to embarrass yourself.

The audio on the podcast still sounds like ass but we are working on it.  Anyone who is upset about it will be given a full refund.1

1. and a punch in the throat.