Voiceover Talent Lend A Hand With Microloans

My new friend, voiceover talent and all-around cool chick Sharon Feingold contacted me about a great idea she has hatched and I just knew you guys would be all over it considering how you are trying so hard to atone for your sins against man and beast at that kegger this past weekend.  She has started a new lending group through the microloan organization KIVA called Voice Artists and Friends and she needs our help.1 Basically the gist is that you can loan (not donate) as much or as little as you like and that money, along with the other VO donations, goes to an impoverished entrepreneur in some destitute corner of the world far removed from our ivory towers here in the good ole’ USA.  As my maid Consuela can attest to, while five American bucks may not be much to us here, for some people elsewhere it could mean the difference between going into a small business for themselves to support their families or a continuing life of poverty.  The best part is, once the recipients get things going the loan is returned so you get all the satisfaction of helping someone in need and you don’t even really have to spend any money.  Says Feingold:

Voiceover people are entrepreneurial in spirit and we are so lucky to have our careers and to have access to plentiful supplies, loans, capital, etc. Most people aren’t as lucky.  This is a great way to “give back” and to create a team effort uniting VO people across the globe….  These are tough economic times, and this is a great no-excuse way to give back without losing any money at all, since the loan is paid back…..  How cool is it that you know EXACTLY who you are helping, and that 100% of the money you donate is given directly to that person.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.2 Check out the Voice Artists and Friends page on the KIVA site, sign up immediately and try to spare just a few bucks for a little while to help someone else out for a change.  Then tell all your friends how wonderful you are over spritzers by the pool.  You will have earned it.

1.  I dare you to fit that many hyperlinks into one sentence yourself, Souer.
2. I really couldn’t.  Sharon should start a blog.