“Go The [email protected] To Sleep” Audiobook Narrated by Samuel L. Jackson

The “children’s” book Go The [email protected] To Sleep has to be one of the most honest pieces of literature ever penned.  Anyone with kids will tell you that is all you are thinking in the back of your head when you are trying to get the little monsters down for the night anyway.  It is absolutely hysterical and makes a great gift for anyone with newly spawned larvae infesting their home and interfering with their love lives.

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Now, in possibly the most inspired voiceover casting ever, the audiobook version has been voiced by Jules Winnfield himself.  Best of all it is available as a free download from Audible.  How very, very cool.

Please understand that this contains some incredibly NSFW language so Mormons may want to pass but you cool kids will hopefully find it as fantastic as I did.

Download here: AUDIBLE

You’re welcome.

UPDATE: Check out video from the recording session here: AV CLUB