Free Microphones For Voiceover Talent!

You heard me right, we are giving away four shiny new microphones to voiceover talent absolutely free:

  1. A new VO:1-A Signature Series Microphone courtesy of Harlan Hogan.
  2. A new Blue Snowball USB microphone courtesy of Amy Taylor.
  3. A new Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun microphone courtesy of Philip Banks.
  4. A new AT4047/SV Cardioid Condenser Microphone courtesy of Steve Savanyu from Audio-Technica.

So how do you get your grubby little paws1 on one of these beauties?  Easy:

  1. Go to the 2011 New York Voiceover Mixer.
  2. Put a business card in the bag.
  3. Have the time of your life with hundreds of other industry people.
  4. Wait until 8:00 when we announce the raffle winners.
  5. Profit.

Microphones aren’t your thing?  No worries, we’re also handing out:

  1. A new VoiceOver Recording Sign with remote control switch also courtesy of Harlan Hogan.
  2. Three separate free webinar passes courtesy of John Florian from Voice Over Xtra.
  3. Three stylish new Voice Over Xtra hats.
  4. Three one month memberships with Innovative Voiceover Instruction.
  5. The Medical Mumbo Advanced Narration Workshop CD set courtesy Julie Williams.
  6. A one hour private voiceover lesson in Los Angeles or via Skype with MJ Lallo.
  7. Two separate signed copies of Sound Advice – Voiceover From an Audio Engineer’s Perspective from Dan Friedman.
  8. A 90 minute voiceover coaching session from The Lau Lapides Company.
  9. Three inspirational voiceover posters from Ken Knuckles of Actor’s Motivation.
  10. Three one hour service credit certificates from George Whittam and ElDorado Recording Services.
  11. A free in-depth analysis of your commercial demo from Marc Cashman.
  12. A free year membership to V.O. Planet.
  13. A copy of Kristine Oller’s audiobook “Feeding Your Focus: How Creative People Can Move Forward Faster and Achieve Sustained Success”.
  14. Four winners receive their choice of either the “Learn the Industry”, “Get Customers” or “For Pros” intensive coaching packages from Edge Studio.
  15. 25 free professional audition recording sessions from Edge Studio.
  16. Two drawings for “The Fundamentals” and “Audiobooks A – Z” from the Power of Five Coaching Series from Vanessa Hart.
  17. Three drawings for one hour of virtual voiceover personal assistant work from Karen Souer.
  18. A $200 gift certificate towards or Voiceregistry actor services courtesy of Voicebank!
  19. Six drawings for personally signed pictures from The Clone Wars, Powerpuff Girls and The Wild Thornberrys courtesy of voiceover superstar Tom Kane!
  20. One free admission pass to the VOICE 2012 Conference in Disneyland beginning June 13th from James Alburger and Penny Abshire!

The heck you say?!  All true.  Thank you to everyone who has donated for your incredible generosity.  So what are you waiting for?  RSVP to get yourself on the guest list today!

1. Seriously, wash your paws.

You Guys Are NOT Gonna Believe These Raffle Prizes.

The fine folks below have donated these goods and services at absolutely no cost whatsoever so that we may have a little bit of fun at the Second Annual New York Voiceover Mixer.  You gotta be in it to win it though, so be sure to RSVP now for the chance to get your paws on some of this fine swag!

Click the pics to learn more:

Voice talent extraordinaire Liz de Nesnera (previously mentioned here) was the first to donate.  She has a Blue Snowball USB microphone (brand new in the box and everything) that she does not use and so she wants to give one of you the chance to take it home and love it as your very own.  Some say this was out of the kindness of her heart but I’m guessing she’s trying to karmically make up for something bad she has done recently.  Then again, I know her.

The ridiculously talented Bob Bergen (who will be in town teaching a workshop that weekend) has offered to record a personalized mp3 recording for you as his alter ego Porky Pig!  You just know you are going to play that thing a hundred million times for all of your friends and family every chance you get.  Normally he gets paid about a hundred million dollars to do Porky on the mic so this is a pretty cool prize indeed.

Talent, coach and author Harlan Hogan unfortunately cannot be with us that evening but he was cool enough to ship me both one of his insanely popular Porta-Booth portable recording space thingys and one of his brand spankin’ new Harlan Hogan Signature Series VO: 1-A microphones that he has just released in partnership with MXL.  Details about that and his new and improved Porta-Booth are coming later this week in a new Erik and Ember Show.  This will be two separate raffle prizes so you guys might have to share.

John Florian is stepping things up a notch over at Voice Over Xtra and has just announced that they have started offering webinars and workshops.  He was kind enough to offer both a free webinar and a free live workshop to two luck revelers (two separate raffles).  He is also on the guest list so I think it is safe to assume there are going to be pencils.  Lots and lots of pencils.

Voice talent and demo producer Dave DeAndrea is offering 100 dollars off of the production of your next voiceover demo.  This guy is one of the best in the biz and his demos are never anything short of stellar.  Plus he helps you out soup to nuts with copy and direction and motivation as well as having all the beds and sfx to get it done right.  He is working with both LindZ and I on some new demos and his hands on approach is fantastic.

Rick Wenner from Rick Wenner Photography has graciously donated three separate raffle prizes of an hour long headshot photo session as well as a high quality 8 x 10 jpeg of your favorite shot.  I just met Rick but he seems like a stand up guy, plus his work is absolutely incredible (click the logo).  He may have his work cut out for him with some of you uggos but he has assured me he will do his best to make you look presentable.

David Goldberg from Edge Studio and his staff have been teaching voiceover for about a thousand years and are widely known for not only being honest and professional but for hiring some of the best looking voice coaches this side of the Mississippi.  He will be offering every single person who attends a free opportunity to attend one of their Business 101 tele-classes (either Business and Money 101 or Talk and Act Pro 101, your choice).  These are absolutely jam packed with information and I highly recommend that you take him up on this offer.

The web development and SEO geniuses over at Zoetic Interactive have really pulled out all the stops for you guys.  Incredibly, they are offering a $32,000 grand prize package of a full website design or redesign as well as three months of their online marketing magic for the keyword “voice over talent” which promises to take your awesome new website and stick it right up at the top of the heap on Google, Yahoo and Bing.  Incredible.  And if that wasn’t generous enough, they are also throwing in a new 3rd Generation, 8GB iPod Touch so that someone else has something tangible to win.  My new friends Yong Lee and Ashley Jackson from Zoetic will be there so try to find them and say hello.  Otherwise be sure to catch the person in front of you should they win and pass out.

One of these fabulous prizes can be yours and all you have to do is show up and have a good time.  The raffle drawings are free (as is the event) so be sure to have an extra business card handy to put into the hat.  We are filling up fast and you absolutely must rsvp to be admitted (we will have a gorilla doorman with the list) so if you are planning on attending then stop by the event page to view our illustrious guest list and drop us a line to be added.  Our thanks again to all who have donated thus far.

Do you have something that may be of interest to the voiceover community that you would like to donate?  Well bless your heart. Let us know about it and we will let everyone else know!