Bling Bling

These have to be the dumbest things I have seen all day, and I woke up with a couple of sorority girls.1 Neutrik usually makes some great stuff for the crafty folks talented enough to make their own cables (I shell out for the Mogamis because my soldering skills suck) but… just look at them!

This is from the product description:

“Fancy, noble, valuable, attractive – the crystalCON connectors made with Swarovski crystals are eye catchers.”

Yes, fancy and noble indeed.  They look like Paris Hilton threw up on them.

No snarky footnote I could possibly come up with would be biting enough to fully encompass how ridiculous these are.2 Anyone who buys one is automatically crossed off my Christmas card list.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get these ladies back to campus.

1. Thank you Jägermeister
2. See? Nothing here.