Rick Wenner is a Kick-Ass Photographer

I have no idea how the headshot vs. no headshot debate is still raging since I already told you guys that you should have them done.  Honestly, I feel like you aren’t even listening to me sometimes.

Anyway, perhaps these stellar examples will help you see the light.  They were done by our new buddy Rick from Rick Wenner Photography and I’m fairly sure you will agree that they are awesome.  Check out Lindsay1:

Now before you say, “But Erik, Lindsay is gorgeous!  Anyone could make her look good!” check out his shots of Michael Schoen:

Nice, right?  If you happen to live in the New York area then look up Rick to book your session.  If you live elsewhere then be sure to move here so that you have constant access to him.  Be sure to check out his blog as well to see the latest examples of his work.

1. Careful boys, she’s taken.