VOICE 2012 Drops A Bombshell

Oh man, James Alburger and Penny Abshire just blew all our minds when they recently announced that VOICE would be held in Disneyland in June of next year.  “I’m going to Disneyland!” remarked a million unfunny people referencing pop culture jokes from a few years back.  Regardless, I am going to Disneyland.

We have been to VOICE the past few years and I was a huge fan of their last venue1 but this is just amazing.  Huge, huge kudos to them for pulling this off.  The amount of work that must go into securing a deal like this must be phenomenal.

There are a few more voiceover events to choose from the past few years (ours included), and you should certainly go to them all if you can, but this is the grandaddy of them all.  Days of classes, amazing events, an incredible variety of things to learn and do and apparently, um, rides!2  All of this for a reasonable price as well considering what is offered.

Wanna go?  Of course you do, you’re no idiot.  Clickety click on the banner up top there and get all the rich creamy details.3


1. There was a huge bar.  Right in the middle of the lobby.  It was beautiful.
2. Plus me.  Don’t miss out on your chance to meet me!
3. Sorry, I was looking at that Kudos bar picture.

The New York Meet-Up

When I’m not busy fighting fires or volunteering at the orphanage, I occasionally make public appearances.  Apparently word got out that I would be in Manhattan this past Saturday and I was swarmed by voice talent looking for my autograph.  We really are a good looking bunch.1

UPDATE FOR KAT: The guest list included myself, Diane Havens with her hubby and honorary voice talent John, Liz de Nesnera, Melissa Ex, Trish Basanyi, Haneen Arafat, Allison Scussel, Lee Gordon, Dave McCrea, French talent Gilles Motais, Veronica Shea, Michael Berkowitz and Lisa Farrel.

Suspiciously absent and so getting grief here: Peter Ganim.
Not pictured: Kara Edwards.2

1. Well, most of us. You know who you are.
2. She wasn’t there, yet I’m still surprised she isn’t pictured.