Hey VO Talent: Do This Quick Thing To Help Or You Are Officially A Big Jerk

Mary McKitrickMy apologies for being late to the party but the other guys were nice enough to get the ball rolling.  Here’s the story: talent and all around incredibly sweet girl Mary McKitrick “wins” a local Emmy award (the category was “audio”) for some documentary work she did.  Check out the awesome picture over there of her with the hardware.  So, I gave her a ring to congratulate her and ask on which of her many fireplace mantels she is going to put hers.  It turns out that she doesn’t get to keep one.  Even though the award was for “audio” apparently only the guys who worked on her audio get to keep one because there is no official category for the voiceover talent….

Now, we aren’t blaming NATAS for the slight as the category just does not currently exist but she is getting royally shafted either way.  Seriously, I call B.S..

Even if you don’t give a flying fig1 about Mary or if she gets a statue, if you are a voiceover talent you should be getting a little sick and tired about the lack of recognition and respect that we get come award time and feel that we should be able to polish up some phoney-baloney swag ourselves (outside of the usual megastars who get recognized for prime time work).

So circle the wagons people and stand up for yourselves!  It’s easy.  My lovers Dave Courvoisier and Peter O’Connell have helped set up a Facebook page, all you have to do is go there and “like” it.  As of now there is a paltry amount of likes.  Once we get a respectable number we will bring this to the attention of the powers-that-be and hopefully get Mary what she deserves and have the criteria changed for future awards so that they recognize voiceover talent.2

So go HERE and click “like” please.  Then, if you are so inclined3, please share this post and the page with everyone in your social networks and everyone you know in the VO game.  Please, it takes like a second and a half and could really make a difference for all of us.


1. This marks the second time this post I have not actually cursed.  I’m a model of self restraint as of late.
2. That means you, dummy.
3. Be inclined.  Do it.