Too Cool For School

I am pleased to announce that I will soon begin teaching courses at the world renowned Edge Studio in New York City.  These guys run a top notch studio that has been around for over 20 years, they are beyond professional, they are honest and now they have me.  High fives and back slapping all around are certainly in order.  David and his staff know the voice over1 industry inside and out so it is an honor.  From their site:

INDUSTRY KNOW-HOW 101: Look Pro, and Get Hired Like A Pro!
Offered in-studio AND by tele-class

Concerned you’ll look like a newbie? This seminar ensures you LOOK PRO!

When and which questions pros ask producers
Whether or not you should sign the talent-release form. (Not sure what this is?)
Cans, sibilance, dubbing, dialogue, completed hour, frames,…
Punching-in, turning pages, off-axis, proximity, slating, pick-ups,….
Pros and cons of joining SAG and AFTRA

Come across professional so you’re hired again.

We welcome questions and leave room for Q&A.

Click here to get the schedule for this class and information on their other incredibly fine offerings.  I will also be one of the coaches involved in the Talk With a Pro series which is a really unique concept and indicative of the culture at Edge.  You know what, just click the main link up top and poke around to get a better feel of where they are coming from.  Be sure to find the link to their 3,500 free voice over scripts if you, um, want 3,500 free voice over scripts.2

I like to think that my students will be city kids who maybe have a tough exterior but just need someone to believe in them.  At times I may not think it is worth it, that I’m not really reaching them, but somehow we find common ground and I gain their respect.  In the end we all learn a little bit about life, love and the power of perseverance.

1. Voiceover?  Voice-over?  Really, I need some closure on this one.
2. Do I have to spell everything out for you?