VO Meet-up at Six Flags Great Adventure In New Jersey

Are you a voice talent?  Do you like trying not to scream and wreck your voice on some of the worlds most awesome roller coasters?  Do you like peeing your pants in front of your peers?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then get yourself to the bucolic pastures of New Jersey1 this May 30th for some fun!

All of the juicy details are HERE but the short story is that we are set up with a group rate so everybody gets to go for just 30 bucks (normally over $60) to hang out and enjoy the rides with Erik and Ember.  Photos with us are available for a nominal fee.  Your ticket also includes admission into one of those cool drive-through safaris so you can have monkeys rip off your antenna.  Go ahead and click the link above.  Unless, of course, you’re chicken.

1. Im kidding, of course.  Jersey is a cesspool but Great Adventure is pretty fun.