But What Does It All Mean?

So I found this interesting site called StateStats that shows you how popular a Google search query is in each U.S. state and decided to play around with it for a bit.  I was a little surprised at the results.

First off, there is no data for a Google search of “Erik Sheppard” so obviously the thing is majorly flawed, but I digress.  Searching for the next most popular terms in the industry I put in “voiceover” (all one word) and the top 5 states came back in descending order as New York, California, Illinois, Connecticut and Georgia.  Nothing too surprising there.  A search for “voice over” as two words1 resulted in California, New York, Georgia, Florida and Illinois.  How are more people in freaking Georgia of all places searching for voice over on Google than Illinois?

Weird, right?

This is even weirder: a search for “voice talent” results in Georgia being number one(!) followed by Colorado(!!), Minnesota(!?!), Florida and Washington.  Aside from the well deserved popularity of Atlanta superstar September Day Leach, I am totally at a loss here.  By the way, New York and Cali came in 6th and 7th.  Go figure.

So what does it all mean?  Government conspiracy?  Foofaraw?  Hokum?  Flimmery?2 Maybe this doesn’t take into account individual state population.  Feel free to conjecture amongst yourselves and let me know what you come up with or click on the link above to play around.  I’m out.

1. One or two words? Can we have a meeting and come to some consensus on this please?
2. Alright, I made that last one up.