Free Voiceover Decor For Your Studio

I was going to work yesterday.  I really was.  I’m used to working on the weekends.  It gives me time to focus on things without the phone ringing off the hook.  I did not work yesterday.

Instead I made these cool pictures and hung them up in the living room.  My wife is a VO talent as well so she digs them:

Artsy, no?

Want to do the same for your domicile or studio?  Just grab the images below.  We were able to print these out at 5 inches square and they looked pretty decent considering I ripped them off the interwebs and used some of my iJunk apps to coolify them.

If you’re dying to get them bigger or higher quality just drop me a line and I’ll send those to you via email.

You’re welcome.

Voiceover Studio Decor: Custom Waveform Canvas Prints

Martha here with another installment of Home Studio Decor.  There are a few companies who offer this kind of thing but these are the nicest I have seen.  Record your phrase, upload the audio, choose your canvas size and color scheme then pay through the nose.


Purchase information here: Vapor Sky

Voiceover Studio Decor: The 10 Ton Lamp Shade

Perfect for the character/animation voice actor or just big Looney Tunes fans:

Purchase information here: Meninos


(Goes well with the TNT Candle Holder for the full Roadrunner experience!)