Just For Fun: 10 Examples Of Voiceover in Popular Music

Perhaps the word “popular” is a bit of a stretch but I am invoking my right to artistic license.  What did we miss?  Let us know in the comments and we’ll update this page for posterity.  The internet loves lists so I’m sure this will wind up in some virtual time capsule as a the prime example of VO blogging from 2010.  Thank you for your interest future alien overlords.  Please enjoy.

A creepy two-fer from Vincent Price:

Seriously, I love Iron Maiden so much. I’m not proud, I’m just sayin’:

I always thought a fat guy could come up with a better stage name than Meatloaf:

Thanks to Greg Thomas for submitting this via Linked In. I think:

Kevin Delaney cruelly reminded me of Les Garland’s VO in this abomination from “Starship” on Facebook. Woodstock, this ain’t:

Lee Gordon sent this our way. I have no idea what is going on here. On a related note, Lee Gordon has problems:

This one barely fits the category but it unarguably includes VO and any tenuous excuse to include Burl Ives works for me:

Another two-fer, this time from the always batsh*t insane William Shatner:

Personally, I prefer Stewie’s version:

Telephony Voiceover Talent Winds Up On Jason Mraz Song

After being in this business for a while we kind of get used to hearing our voices on radio and television and, perhaps sadly, the novelty tends to wear off.  However, my friend and fellow telephony voiceover talent Julie Seitter got quite an interesting surprise the other day.  Apparently a friend of hers was listening to music on Pandora when he stumbled upon a Jason Mraz track titled “If It Kills Me”.1 The song starts out with a recorded telephony message and her friend recognized it as Julie’s.  Having absolutely no idea what he was talking about, she looked it up on YouTube. Check it out:

Wow.  She had her son search Google about it and apparently Mraz was behind in payments for a surgery and found the robo-calls amusing, so he took it off his answering machine.  He then called the hospital for permission to use on the song.  Since the recording was done through an independent IVR company she was never notified.  In case you are wondering, Julie doesn’t have dollar signs in her eyes, however she does hope she might get a signed copy of the CD as payment for her contribution.  How cool is that?

1. He must have had it set for “crap”