Ben Owens Is The Man

My buddy Ben from Phine Art Designs just sent me all the final artwork for my demo CD and I must say they look outstanding.  I had to squish them a bit to fit here but they are as crisp as a new dollar bill full size.  (Update: hopefully now viewable for our friends with Macs.)

Front Cover:

Inside Cover:

CD Face:

Back Tray with spines:

I’m from New York, get it?

Do you want a demo CD that looks as insanely cool as mine?1 Well then click on the link above or contact Ben himself at [email protected] to get hooked up.  His prices are beyond reasonable, his work is amazing and he even dealt with my constant revisions that would have brought a lesser man to tears.2 He is also quite an accomplished painter and sculptor so be sure to get him now before he turns into some famous artsy type and insists on doing all his work in his own bodily fluids or something.3

1. Of course you do.
2. Or murderous rage. I’m a pain like that.
3. Thats how I do my postcards.