Photoshop Contest Results: Don’t Quit Your Day Jobs.

Well this was fun.  We got a bunch of great entries and wish to congratulate everyone on their submissions.  This is your last chance to turn away before having to witness any of this.1 Our humble apologies to those readers with weak constitutions.  Click on the entrant’s names to be whisked away to their fabulous websites.  The big losers in no particular order….

From David Lowe who apparently decided he could improve on my turnip:

Dave DeAndrea sent in this nightmare inducing box of flying mouths:

John Weeks made me proud by taking the high road:

From the lovely and talented Lori Furth:

Todd Schick (who’s own logo is pretty classy) expresses some popular sentiments:

Mandy Nelson cracked me up with this one and even added the badge below it “to be used on pockets and thongs”:

Chadd Pierce advertises his grandmother fetish:

Amanda Geyer gives us this, which is actually better than some of the real stuff out there:

Chris Mezzolesta creeps us all the hell out with this:

From Scott Pollak, our first runner up, who wins a big fat nothing but still brought it on2:

And finally, the big winner of a Voice Talent Productions T-shirt, a Voice-Over Xtra baseball cap and the timeless wisdom of “Proven Voice-Over Techniques” by Julie Williams…  Jamee T. Perkins!:

Apparently Jamee created this in honor of her husband who has a funny podcast of some sort.  Check it out here if you are into that sort of thing.  Congratulations Jamee, this is truly, truly disturbing.  Nice work.

Thank you to all who participated and a very special thanks to our guest judges John Florian and Julie Williams!  Ember and I are grateful that you have so much extra time on your hands for this silliness.

Please consider the environment before printing this post to hang on your studio wall.

1. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.
2. Do the popular kids still say that?

8 Comments to “Photoshop Contest Results: Don’t Quit Your Day Jobs.”

  1. Amy Snively says:

    These are fantastic! Thanks for the giggles everybody!

  2. Okay, Erik…. now where’s the “Oprah” moment where you say, “Actually… look under your chairs Contestants! EVERYONE is getting the prize!!”

    Great job everyone! Funny stuff!

  3. John Weeks says:

    Fun stuff!
    Thanks everyone for the laughs and thanks to Eric and Ember for playing “Jerry and Oprah”.

  4. Thank you, thank you all so much. I’d like to thank my agent who….wait a minute. My agent didn’t do anything! I earned this award on my OWN! LOL

    I had a great time with this, Erik. Thanks judges for having a twisted sense of humor.


    PS… Please be warned that my hubby’s podcast is full of bad words and stuff like that.

  5. LindZ Reiss says:

    These are all so great! Mandy’s just completely cracked me up though!

  6. Fantastic…I’ve got some good ideas where to go for my next website upgrade.

  7. I was doing fine till I saw Mandy’s! Then I started choking. Wow! You guys are MAD! great fun. I’ve saved this site to my faves! :D

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