My Personal Tribute to Don LaFontaine

He continues to be a daily inspiration…

The pictures are a little distorted but it looks absolutely just like him in real life.  Amazing work from Irish Jay at Tattoo Lou’s on Long Island.

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  1. Wow… that’s incredible!

  2. Erik,

    That’s a lovely tribute.

    And you’re a freak.

    Best always,
    - Peter

  3. That is so awesome Erik. I’m extremely impressed with the tattoo artists work too, wow! There aren’t many artists who can pull off portraits that well but he certainly does! Very cool!

    -Jordan Reynolds

  4. Doug Turkel says:


    Your calf has never sounded better!

    (And, oh yeah, what Peter said.)



  5. That’s hardcore. I don’t think “Kendra” will mind her name being replaced with the Don.

    • Ha! Yeah, that’s my ex-wife’s name and considering I’m getting married again soon I figured it was time to cover it up. Don’s shirt in the picture was black so it worked out perfectly to place it there.

      My fiancee LindZ Reiss is a voice talent as well so she is much happier seeing Don on my leg every day than what used to be there!

  6. Dave Stone says:

    That’s really odd behavior. How old are you?

  7. Caryn Clark says:

    It’s really done well! How long did it take? Did you do it in one sitting?

  8. Anonymous says:

    “That’s really odd behavior.”

    No odder than the unfortunate decision to ink an ‘at the moment’ loved ones name on ones body. At least Erik will always admire the Don. Though I would have gone with a winged phoenix or a gryphon. But the Don is definitely better than the Kendra.

    Nice ink

  9. Mandy Nelson says:

    First of all it is so much more artistic than the Kendra tat. Second, PLEASE tell me you didn’t sit all twisted like that for 3 hours? The yoga teacher in me will scream. Third, what Peter said. FYI, I love a good freak.

  10. Dave Stone says:

    *To me*, it’s odd (different from what is usual or expected; strange) because I would never have myself tattooed for any reason, but especially not with the likeness of a person I’d (probably) never met or worked with, regardless of the impact he may have had on me. I certainly can’t speak for her, but while Mr. LaFontaine’s widow is undoubtedly touched that so many people revere her late husband, I can’t help but think she might also wonder why in the form of a tattoo… on the calf of a 36 year old guy. If I were that moved by someone, I’d consider writing an article about his life and achievements, maybe have a picture or two in the studio… that kind of thing. But I guess it’s because I choose not to tattoo myself at all, let alone with the name of someone that I may have to change at some point, that I just don’t think of Don LaFontaine in quite the same way as you.

  11. Mara Junot says:

    Wow, Irish Jay is amazing indeed. Looks fantastic! How many hours?

  12. J.S. Gilbert says:

    I don’t usually discuss this, but I have a picture of Erik Sheppard tattoed on my left butt cheek.

  13. Paul Christy says:

    This Don LaFontaine worship is starting to get kinda creepy. And I thought Elvis fans were weird. What next, will it merge with Santeria, with small altars found in most VO actors homes? Animal sacrifice to great orisha of movie trailers? Don earned our respect and admiration, but c’mon! What Dave said…anyway, gotta go. I have an audition and I need to burn a goat.

    • There is a difference between idol worship and a tribute. I knew Don. Not as well as I would have liked but he helped me get where I am today. So many of the wonderful things I have in my life: my successful career, some friends, my wife and son, the life I lead, came about in one way or another through voiceover and he was instrumental in that to some degree. It is as much of a tribute to the business as is it to him.

      A lot of the work I have reflects my life, my interests and the things that are important to me.

  14. Melissa Ex says:

    “I don’t usually discuss this, but I have a picture of Erik Sheppard tattoed on my left butt cheek.”

    So, did Erik respond in kind?

  15. Jim Sutton says:

    After reading about Erik’s relationship with Don, and the many ways that relationship directed Erik’s journey as a voiceoverist, I can understand his desire to show a tribute to Don and the VO industry. And yes… there is a difference between idol worship and a tribute. Idol worship would have found the Don’s tattoo on Erik’s chest.

  16. Zak Miller says:

    Nice ink Erik! If you gotta cover old ones, cover them with class!

  17. This is a wonderful tribute to an amazing talent. Beautiful! Has it brought you good luck?:)

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