My New CDs Are In

My new demo CDs came in today (photo proof at left)1 and they look and sound pretty darn good.  There are a thousand places that print up CDs but most of them wont do runs of under 500 which is just overkill for our purposes.  By the time I went through that many they would have to be updated or I would die of old age.  Of course, most clients or agents are fine with emailing demos but some places still require actual discs2 so I found a place that does runs of just 100 and I am quite pleased so I wanted to share.  The company is called Disk Faktory but if you go through the super secret Guitar Center link here you get a deal and they charge only 200 bucks for 100 with all the art, a nice printed CD (none of that sticker BS), mastering, jewel cases and everything.  Just upload your tracks and the artwork and they do the rest.  They took about two and a half weeks to get here but I had them ship via UPS from California so that wasn’t too bad either.

Anyway, I vouch for these guys so if you are in the market then go for it.3

ps. I just happened to be wearing that shirt today but if you want to look as good as me4 then click the “Shop” link up top.

1. For the ladies.
2. Disks?
3. Man, I am so good to you guys.
4. From the neck down anyway.

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