J.S. Gilbert and Tina Fey Dream Ticket

This years batch of presidential hopefuls and running mates are kind of tough for voice actors and comedians to pull off as compared to the Bushes, Gore, Kerry, Clinton and others from years past who had more distinctive voices and deliveries.  While I have yet to hear an Obama impression that really wowed me, I think the GOP ticket is taken care of nicely.  Check out my buddy1 J.S. Gilbert doing McCain.  He nails it:

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Speaking of nailing2, Tina Fey was spot on as she-devil Sarah Palin last night on Saturday Night Live:

I hope they stay busy doing these for the next couple of months as there won’t be as much of a call for them once my man Obama cleans up come election time.3

1. Don’t hold it against me.
2. What?
3. Check it out, it’s a political blog now!

2 Comments to “J.S. Gilbert and Tina Fey Dream Ticket”

  1. Melissa Ex says:

    I missed SNL last night. This is hysterical!

    Congrats on the blog guys! Good stuff here. Sorry about Dora and glad to see PB hasn’t traded in his horns for – ahem – young brides.

  2. Diane Havens says:

    Killer blog, man! And I don’t even like blogs. That’s a bloggish comment if there ever was one, eh?

    J. S. does a mean McCain, and he’s been pretty mean lately — oh, I’m not talking J. S. He’s a sweetie. (You did get his permission to share this, I hope.)

    Love the SNL clip — I saw that. Political? You? You’ve always been PC around me. You show admirable restraint, my good man. Especially as we seem to be living in an absurdist comic-drama lately.

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