It’s Gonna Be A Party Ya’ll!

Alright kids, it’s New Years Eve so, please, feel free to get together with some friends, get ripped out of your skull and have indiscriminate make out sessions with folks you may not normally look at sideways.  You have my permission.1

My date from last year

Just do me a favor and please do not get behind the wheel or get a ride with anyone else who has been partying.  You may have to wait approximately forever for a cab but it will be worth it when you are alive in the morning.  As a matter of fact, unless you live in Amish country, don’t even go near a road.  Besides, the fuzz will be everywhere tonight and nobody wants to spend the first few hours of 2009 getting together bail money or worrying about dropping the soap.

Speaking of The Law, it is totally legal today2 to punch anyone who says “See you next year!” right in the nose.  Go for it, no judge on earth will convict you.

Happy New Years, gang.  Have fun.

See you on, um, January 2nd.

1. Really, I insist.
2. It ought to be anyway.

2 Comments to “It’s Gonna Be A Party Ya’ll!”

  1. Happy New Year, you!
    See YOU on January 3rd????? :-))))))))))



  2. Diane Havens says:

    Good thing he has a designated driver, Liz.

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