It Takes A Village

We are pleased to announce that our next guest on The Erik and Ember Show will be the lovely and talented Heather Halley.  Heather just wrapped up her gig announcing at the Grammy Awards and said she would love to come on the show to share her story. Because we are too lazy and stupid to come up with our own questions we want to give our listeners a chance to get involved, we have a new feature here at the blog.

Please direct your attention to the new question asking widget thingy underneath the podcast player to the right.  If you have a question you would like us to ask her during her interview (and it’s not completely asinine) then type it in over there for your big break into the glamorous world of podcast stardom.1 All of your questions will also appear in the new page conveniently linked to in the title bar up top.  This feature will be reset for each new guest.  You’re welcome.

1. We are sooo Web 2.0

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  1. Diane Havens says:

    Can the question be partially asinine?

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