I’d Rather Be Lost

You might think that in the spirit of camaraderie I wouldn’t disparage another voice actor for landing a great gig, yet here I am just going for it.  The soothing voice of Kim Cattrall, pictured at left,1 is now available as a download for your Tom-Tom GPS unit.  Yikes.

Cattrall, known widely for her role as the ever-spontaneous and uninhibited Samantha Jones on the HBO hit series Sex and the City, adds some spice to the ride, allowing drivers a fun and unforgettable journey.

“Putting my voice on GPS systems is such a unique way for me to reach out and connect with my fans,” Cattrall said. “I am thrilled to be able to entertain my fans by giving them turn-by-turn directions to make their trips more fun and exciting.”

On the road, Cattrall throws some candid, sassy and sexy advice to help drivers find their way. For example, in addition to saying, “At the end of the road turn left” or “Take the second right,” Cattrall also lets drivers know what she is really thinking, saying “This is the city, darling. Anything goes” or “Don’t touch my Manolos,” leaving drivers wondering, “What will she say next?”

Yes, what will she say next? My guess is “BRAINS! MORE DELICIOUS BRAAAAINS!” accompanied by the otherworldly moanings of the undead.

When asked for comment, every female voice talent on the planet said, “Wait, really?”

1. Artist rendition.

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  1. JEEZE, Erik!
    I almost lost my lunch with that picture!



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