I Get The Best Email

When I’m not busy as the chairman of my local MENSA chapter and stay-at-home bartender, I spend hours going through the ungodly amount of email that comes in around here.  Aside form the usual Nigerian scams and penis enlargement pills,1 I get about 10 or 15 emails per week from people looking to join our roster or with similar business offers.  I thought you might enjoy it if I shared just a few recent highlights.  Names and addresses have been omitted but they are otherwise unedited.  If you sent any of these just remember, we’re laughing with you not at you.2

I really do love cartoons like the flinstones, the simpsons and I feel like I could be as successful of a voice of a cartoon character such as fred flinston, and homer simpson with the voice which I always bring out from in front of a mirror or on a microphone I’ve been on the radio indiana 105 with my unique voices that I love and love to hear.

if your looking for talent with great writing abilites check out this site http://www.myspace.com/xxxxx all writen, played recorded by Andrew xxxxx, lets make a million.


this is the upcoming artist of the world, however your reaction may be.. it’s true.
my arrival back to NYC is in the process, as the record company is in the process of VISA petition etc.
but i just read a little about what voice over productions does… and would like more concrete info.
so i am sending you this to let you stay in touch with me.


1. They don’t even work!
2. Note: some readers may be laughing at you.

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  1. J.S. says:

    Unfortunately I was caught in a huge Nigerian penis enlargment voiceover scam last week. It cost me $438 and not only didn’t my penis grow, but I only got one v.o. booking all week, although I am apparently a finalist in the Nigerian Super Sweepstakes.

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