I Am An Agent

The new meme thing all the cool kids are doing:

3 Comments to “I Am An Agent”

  1. Reginald Turner says:

    I like to know more about voicesover, I have the voice could help me out.


  2. J.R. Russ says:

    Why rep ONE voice when you can rep America’s most VERSATILE voice(TM)?

    Major market talent: Philly, Baltomore, D.C. SiriusXM, The Voice of America…

    Commercial voice clients include FOX-5 Las Vegas, CBS-13 Portland, ABC-17 Columbia, NBC-13 Casper, MY-34 West Palm Beach and MY-39 St Croix, USVI.

    I’ll offer FIVE PERCENT over your regular fee!!!

    You make money, I make money. Let’s get it!


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