Free Voiceover Decor For Your Studio

I was going to work yesterday.  I really was.  I’m used to working on the weekends.  It gives me time to focus on things without the phone ringing off the hook.  I did not work yesterday.

Instead I made these cool pictures and hung them up in the living room.  My wife is a VO talent as well so she digs them:

Artsy, no?

Want to do the same for your domicile or studio?  Just grab the images below.  We were able to print these out at 5 inches square and they looked pretty decent considering I ripped them off the interwebs and used some of my iJunk apps to coolify them.

If you’re dying to get them bigger or higher quality just drop me a line and I’ll send those to you via email.

You’re welcome.

9 Comments to “Free Voiceover Decor For Your Studio”

  1. Billy James says:

    Not one, but two Turners? Well played, sir. Nice to see a fellow appreciator of classic offbeat industrial design.

    • It was hard to narrow it down to just four (we only have so much wall space in New York) but these seemed to really stand out for their iconic beauty. It is interesting to see some of the new mics coming out that harken back to these types of designs where beauty meets function.

  2. Bobbin Beam says:

    Tell your lovely wife I feel she has great taste in art, decor, and mics. Love these, Erik. And yes, I’d like these on my office studio walls and in high resolution. How do we get it to happen? Thanks!

  3. Rebecca says:

    These are really Sweet – great idea…. I would love to do that myself… if I had the wall space!

  4. Devin Shea! says:

    Dude, just what I was lookin’ for! I would love these on my wall in my VO studio. Can I have them in the highest quality possible, as well as a little bigger? You ROCK!!!

  5. Devin Shea! says:

    Would you happen to have one of the TLM 103?

  6. JAY LLOYD says:

    I found the mics by accident…looking for photos of your Dec 2012 event in NYC (not found)…after being directed to your site by John Florian. Luv da photos…going to find a good use for them. Maybe my website. Thanx for your generosity! Jay.

  7. Mason Hladun says:

    I hope your generous offer is still available, I would be delighted if I could have them in a higher res for printing 8″ square.

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