Do Something Good For Once In Your Life

Hey guys, I know this is kind of last minute but please try to make some time to help this guy out. It really is a worthy cause:

Wanted: The finest and most generous voice actors and singers! GelderHead Productions is now accepting submissions for the sixth edition CD of Holiday Magic 2008, A Gift for Children of all Ages, a holiday recording to brighten the holidays of the children and their siblings at Children’s Hospitals. CD’s will be distributed in December. Please submit a song, story, riddle or rhyme, anything that welcomes Holiday time! Please make it less than four minutes. Character voices are encouraged. All entries must be complete and fully recorded for use. The top 15-20 will be selected based on creativity, generosity and theme and will receive artist exposure, be included on the CD with acknowledgments, receive a copy of the CD and receive the GelderHead Award of Excellence for Creativity and Generosity.

Holiday Magic 2007 was a huge success with great talent and 1500 copies going to five Children’s Hospitals in San Diego, Orange County, Milwaukee, Miami, and Albuquerque for the children spending their holidays in the hospital, and their siblings.

Deadline for submissions is Friday November 7th, 2008
Send e-mail to: [email protected] or call 619-795-1740.

So Jeff puts together and prints up a zillion of these CDs, then distributes them for free to sick kids stuck in the hospital during the Holidays, and you’re too busy to even record something for him?  What is wrong with you?  This is not how your mother and I raised you.

I was on last years CD and was given a copy and he really puts together a top notch product for the poor little sickos, so get off your duffs and produce something for this thing post haste. You could use the good karma after what you were up to last weekend.1

1. It was fun though, wasn’t it?

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