Craft Corner: Building A Mini Mic Booth with Erik And LindZ

Voice talent LindZ Reiss is in the process of upgrading her studio and we wanted to put together something similar to the Mic Thing for her to provide a cleaner sound and perhaps a little soundproofing while using a desktop mic stand.  I assure you, it was quite romantic.  Just to turn the geek level up to 100, we took some pictures to share with you ingrates.  We took other pictures too, but I digress.

We picked up a 2 by 4 foot piece of Auralex at Guitar Center for about 27 bucks that seemed to suit our needs and we bought the rest of the supplies (aside from the foam adhesive) at Home Depot.  Pictured below is a 2 by 4 foot, half inch thick piece of MDF, carpeting, some hinges, L brackets, screws and paint:

We measured the panels out so they were 2 by 1 foot with an extra little piece for the top:

I cut em up with a jigsaw in the manliest fashion possible:

Since with this design the edges will be exposed, we sanded them down:

The carpeting we selected was on one of those big 12 foot rolls so we may have ticked off the guys there when we asked for them to cut off just one foot but it worked out perfectly and eliminated the need for extra trimming.  In our defense, they didn’t look particularly busy anyway:

Again, because of the exposed edges, we painted them up gray:

We wanted to rig up something for the top but didn’t want to completely box in the mic and deaden it too much so I bent up these little brackets at almost a 45 degree angle:1

We hinged the panels so that they can be adjusted to allow for more openness as needed.  You may want to be a bit more patient than us and allow time for the paint to dry:

All three panels hinged together:

The top baffle thingy was attached thusly:2

We used a tube of Liquid Nail to attach carpeting on the back to cut down on any echoes back there and hopefully to soundproof a tad more:

The back view, which looks pretty darn good in my humble opinion:

The Auralex was just cut up with a pair of scissors after we discovered that trying to use a razor blade resulted in near tragedy.  I would have chosen a nice gray color myself but LindZ insisted that the burgundy matched her studio better.  Women.3

The finished product in all its glory with her new NT1-A.  Try not to look directly at it without suitable eye protection.  We had to get the special foam adhesive stuff from Musician’s Friend as run-of-the-mill adhesive stuff will cause some type of weird chemical reaction and eat away at the foam:

The whole thing with the foam and the wood and the carpeting only cost about 60 bucks and the build took up only a few hours of an otherwise lazy afternoon.  The sound is greatly improved and it looks pretty awesome to boot.

If any other ladies out there need my help, I’m listed.

1. Spray painting your own hand is optional and, frankly, not recommended.
2. Stop me if I get too technical for you.
3. Am I right?

11 Comments to “Craft Corner: Building A Mini Mic Booth with Erik And LindZ”

  1. Kara Edwards says:

    Very nice Erik and LindZ- I’m impressed! It’s always so much fun to upgrade, isn’t it? :)

  2. MikeE says:

    Sounds like Erik needs a girlfriend…or a WIFE maybe…haha…C’mon ladies…hes a young, talented, entrepreneur and build stuff for you too!! (I bet he can even [email protected])

  3. MikeE says:

    I’ve been inspired…I;m building a small, travel iso cube so I can stop using PILLOWS AND COMFORTERS AND UPSIDE DOWN CHAIRS IN HOTEL ROOMS>> thanks for posting the pictures…they actually hav me getting dressed to head for the Depot~

  4. Wow! GENUIS! Pretty neat handiwork and I worship the quicksand he walks on.

  5. Is that a RODE I see. Aussie power!!!!
    P.S. This rocks. Erik, if I take you for a candle-lit dinner, will you build me a booth?

  6. Linda Ristig says:

    I enjoyed the handyman photos and article, Erik! I have a question, not about the wonderful mini-booth (which looks awesome by the way), but about the way the mic and pop screen are positioned upright on the stand. I have a Rode NT 1-A, also, and have the mic and pop screen positioned at a different angle. Lindz, is that the way you’ll really use it? How far are you away from the mic when you read copy? Just wondering…..

    • LindZ Reiss says:

      Hey Linda,
      I haven’t had a chance to use the RODE just yet, so the position will most likely be adjusted once I have it up and running. I’m hoping everything will be set up by this weekend!

  7. ooooh…A man & his tool belt always make me swoon! ;-)
    NICELY done you two! :-)))))



  8. Frank says:

    Erik, Lindz…I am blown away…Awesome Job!!! They should have you on Extreme Make-over…Voice Over edition…lol!!!

  9. Diane Havens says:

    I’m telling you, man. New PBS series — pitch it.

  10. Just what I needed! I recently moved and my office/studio needs some re-working for sound etc – thank you!

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