Big Important News!

No, not really but that is one hell of a headline.

After chatting with some of my blog-o-buddies, including the undisputed heavyweight champ of VO blogging Bob Souer, I have decided that the RSS feed will be changed to a Feedburner feed.  It’s an RSS/SEO/ROI thing, you wouldn’t understand.1 If you are one of the teeming throngs of readers who use the existing feed please check back next week when it is updated to get the new one as I don’t believe this one will work anymore.  I’m not really sure.  Give me a break, I’m new at this.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but really, it is a small price to pay to continue enjoying such unadulterated genius.

Our thanks to everyone who comes around here and extra special love to the commenters.  It’s adorable how you try to keep up.

The Erik and Ember Show is coming soon as well.2 It really is going to be amazing so I can understand your excitement.  We hope to have it fully armed and operational this month.  In the meantime feel free to enjoy the ongoing hilarity.

Humbly yours,

BIG IMPORTANT UPDATE: The new feeds are now available and the old ones are kaput.  You can also subscribe to new posts or comments via email by clicking the links over on the right.

1. WTF?  OMG!  LOL!
2. For reals.

3 Comments to “Big Important News!”

  1. Bob Souer says:


    I believe if Feedburner works the way it’s supposed to, everyone getting your feed now will still be able to get your feed. But, while I may be a heavyweight (is it really necessary to point out how fat I am to the whole world?) this is something I don’t know for sure.

    Be well,

    PS: Just kidding on the fat thing, I hope you know.

  2. Diane Havens says:

    Erik –

    I am most pleased to hear this news since I have not yet subscribed to your blog, for fear I would become much too preoccupied wondering when the latest bloggish nutrients would feed my hungry RSS. I hope that’s not too technical for you.

    Soon all will come to think of you as the Stephen Colbert of blogging! Your footnotes remind me of his “That’s the Word” segment. Don’t let him find out you’re doing it — he may have to mention you on his show.

    And you wouldn’t want that.

    Publish away, my friend,


  3. J.S. says:

    Did somebody mention food?

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