An Open Letter to Verizon

I screwed up.  It doesn’t happen very often but I did.  I procrastinated getting hooked up for ISDN in our home studio and now it seems that it is too late.  The thing is, at the time we didn’t really need it here.  My wife and I were so rarely asked to do ISDN sessions that we just went in-studio when we had to because it was more cost efficient.  I’m not cheap, mind you, I blow all kinds of cash on studio equipment and services but I figured I would rather have a shiny new microphone or preamp than blowing a few grand on a box and the lines.  Makes sense, no?

Well, in the past few months things have been blowing up around here.  I have been given some opportunities to do work which would require ISDN fairly often and my lovely and talented wife Lindsay has been stuck going to a studio near us in the Hamptons that charges 400 bucks per hour.  400 bucks!!  Yikes.

The timing could not be worse as when it finally came time to bite the bullet it would seem that new lines are no longer being offered.  We love our home out here but may even be forced to move out of state if we are not able to provide our clients with the service they require.  A move would be heartbreaking but perhaps necessary.  IP solutions and bridging would not really work as FIOS is not out here and our internet provider does not exactly give us the super high speeds we would need to ensure sessions would not be dropped.

The ironic part (in an Alanis Morissette kind of ironic way) is that I voice quite a lot for Verizon.  I’m the guy on the phone recordings when people have not paid their bill or if there is a service change.  I have done a ton of other stuff for you guys in the past as well.  Heck, we even pay a few hundred bucks a month to you for our cellphones, even when service out here was spotty and we had to get a signal repeater.

So Verizon, my friend, I am on my knees here1: is there any way you can sneak one more line in before throwing in the towel?  We would be eternally grateful and wouldn’t even tell if you don’t want us too.  My wife is an excellent cook and we would be happy to feed the technician.  It would be so worth it.

1. Pathetic, no?

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  1. Moe Rock says:

    hahaha that is hilarious! I especially love the part about the wife feeding the technician! Hope they come thru for you!!

  2. Steve Singer says:

    Speaking of Fios, just curious. Will a phone patch hybrid work with Fios? Before I buy one.

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