Free Microphones for Voiceover Talent!

Yup, totally free brand new microphones.  No strings attached:

  • Want a Rode NT-1A microphone bundle?  The super quiet mic that works on a ton of different voices with a capsule based on the 103?  We got that.  Talent and coach J. Michael Collins is graciously providing one for free.
  • Want a Sennheiser 416?  The “L.A. mic”?  The little shotgun that’s used in nearly every promo you hear?  British voice talent James Clamp blew my mind the other day when he told us he is donating one for you guys.  He wont even be there to see your face when you lose your mind.

“But where am I going to put my new microphone Erik?  I live in my parent’s basement and the cement walls echo terribly!”

How about in a brand new Porta-Booth Plus portable recording studio courtesy of voice talent and inventor Harlan Hogan?  We’re giving that away too.

Sadly, the girl is sold separately

Seriously, these guys rock and are super generous.  Click their links above and hire them immediately. Oh yeah, we got books too.  The best voiceover books in the world signed by their authors:

Amazing, no?1

So what’s the catch?  No catch at all.  Just be there on Saturday, December 1st at The 5th Annual New York Voiceover Mixer, put your business card in the bag and wait for us to call your name at 7:00.

“A great time, a chance to network with hundreds of voiceover industry insiders from around the globe AND free stuff?”2

You’re welcome.

1. Yes.  The answer is yes.
2. Don’t forget about the food and drinks. Lots and lots of drinks.

The 2012 New York Voiceover Mixer

This is the big one folks.  Last year we had about 540 attendees from around the world and we expect around the same turnout this year.  There will be more of what has made these mixers so popular: networking with talent, agents, casting directors and others.  You can hand out (and receive) hundreds of business cards, make new connections, win some great prizes and get drunk.  What more could you want?  Every year we hear a ton of stories from people who have attended and found new business partners, a new coach, a new client or at least a bunch of new friends.

This year we figured, since we have you all here, we might as well do some good as well and so we are asking for a 10 dollar (cash please) admission fee and the proceeds will go to the Don LaFontaine Voiceover Lab.  This is a great cause and the foundation is incredibly helpful to our industry.

Please note that after a lot of soul searching, we have decided that this will be the last of the New York Mixer series.  This means that this is possibly your last chance to meet up with such a large group of other voiceover professionals and enjoy an event of this magnitude.  While we have teamed up with The Voxy Ladies this year to present this event, this is YOUR mixer.  Please come help us celebrate the resilience on New York City in the wake of the recent storm (no worries, the power is on and all will be back to normal for the event) and join us one last time in raising a glass to voiceover.

Be sure to check the OFFICIAL SITE for general information, RSVP info and guest / raffle list updates added daily.