Does Anyone Know Courvo’s Number?

I cant help but assume that the sainted Mrs. Sheppard owns a metric buttload of stock in Apple since she got me an iPhone, an iPad and an Apple TV for Christmas.  It would be fantastic if there was someone out there to help me set up all this iStuff up…

Fig.1: Tech Support

The High Pitched Voice Of The Neanderthal (video)

This is pretty wild stuff right here:

From the BBC:

By making scans of modern humans, he saw how the soft tissue of the vocal tracts depends on the position of the hyoid bone and the anchoring sites on the skull. Computer predictions were then be made to determine the shape of the modern human vocal tract from bone data alone. The same equations were then used with data from a Neanderthal skull to predict the shape of a Neanderthal vocal tract.

The Neanderthal vocal tract seems to have been shorter and wider than a modern male human’s, closer to that found today in modern human females. It’s possible, then, that Neanderthal males had higher pitched voices than we might have expected. Together with a big chest, mouth, and huge nasal cavity, a big, harsh, high, sound might have resulted. But, crucially, the anatomy of the vocal tract is close enough to that of modern humans to indicate that anatomically there was no reason why Neanderthal could not have produced the complex range of sounds needed for speech.

Fig 1: Neanderthal Man

More from the BBC here.

Via the always amazing BOING BOING.

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We Have Mixer Pictures.

First of all, thank you to the over 500 industry professionals that made The 2011 New York Voiceover Mixer an incredible success.  If you weren’t there then you missed out.  Want proof?:

Thank you to MeR Design Studio for most of these shots as well as to John Florian who added a bunch that you see in the beginning.

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