Voice Talent Productions Roster In Full Force At VOICE 2010

Man, we are all over this thing like white on rice.  First off, those of you who are not hip to the whole VOICE thing1 are invited to please visit the main VOICE 2010 site to get up to speed.  Be sure to click on the “Conference Schedule” tab up top to get a rundown of the goings on and to decide which sessions to sign up for.  In addition to our fabulous hosts James Alburger and Penny Abshire you will find such VTP notables as our friend from the north Deb Munro, French sympathizer Liz de Nesnera, VO coach to the stars Marc Cashman, voiceover lawyer Robert Sciglimpaglia, author Peter Rofe and curmudgeon Terry Daniel.  Plus, the incredible Dave Courvoisier and Bobbin Beam will be there to keep things rolling along smoothly.  Word on the street is that even yours truly will be presenting.2 The Voice Talent Productions staff will also be present at the poolside mixer being held on Saturday and will be accepting submission packages and business cards from talent wishing to speak with us at that time.  More information on that and updates on what we may be up to at the conference can be found on the Events page of the VTP site.  Seriously, be there or be square.3

Unfortunately, Sharktopus will be unable to attend.

Unfortunately, Sharktopus will be unable to attend.

1. Seriously?
2. Ahem.
3. Daddy-o.

Voice Talent Productions Takes Over The World

Manifest Destiny.1

We are quite excited.

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1. Look it up.

In Case You Missed It…

Just in case you don’t follow me on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or you don’t come back to this blog daily to check the sidebar like you absolutely should, here are some microblog posts from over the past month or so.  If any of these links are broken now then I hope you have learned your lesson.  It was a great link too man, you should have been there.

Honestly, you should pay closer attention sometimes.

Honestly, you should pay closer attention sometimes.