A Completely Novel Concept

If you are anything like me, and you probably should be1, then you stay up at night thinking, “What will be the next big thing for Voice Talent Productions?”  Well, you can get some rest because it’s here: The Voice Talent Productions Blog.  Yes, I know we are sailing in uncharted waters by having a blog about voiceover, but I think we may be up to the task and we might just keep you coming back by having a fresh approach.  Who knows, you may even find something in here about yourself one day and, honestly, how exciting would that be for you?  We will be bringing you updates on the biz, tons of talent profiles, outrageously entertaining interviews on The Erik and Ember Show podcast and possibly some pictures of me.  What more could you want?

Get a behind the scenes look at our exciting and glamorous lives and careers.  It will be kind of like The Hills2.  Only less vapid.  And we are better looking.

So make sure to come back often and tell your friends about us because we honestly care about each and every one of you and we want you to stay3.

1.  Actually, you probably shouldn’t be.
2.  It will be nothing like The Hills.
3.  We need the SEO.