Voiceover Pajamas Now Available

Holy crud, I can’t believe our blog software still works, it’s been forever since a post.  Anywho…

A recent blog post by the lovely and talented Paul Strikwerda regarding his awesome book “Making Money in Your PJs” got me thinking that I had not actually seen any voiceover themed pajamas.  Obviously that needed to be rectified.  Lindsay and I were kind enough to come up with an outstanding design for you and we are offering it on PJs through the VTP Cafe Press shop.  As with all of the junk up there, this is just for fun and so we offer these at absolutely no markup over cost so we don’t see one thin dime.

Too cool!

It should be obvious to anyone who has ever had the pleasure of meeting me that I voice, even from home, in a tailored suit but we thought you slobs might enjoy these.

Get em’ HERE before they are all gone!1

1. These will not actually ever be gone but that sounded kinda cool.  You might want to get some before everyone else does though and your hipster cred is gone.

An Open Letter to Verizon

I screwed up.  It doesn’t happen very often but I did.  I procrastinated getting hooked up for ISDN in our home studio and now it seems that it is too late.  The thing is, at the time we didn’t really need it here.  My wife and I were so rarely asked to do ISDN sessions that we just went in-studio when we had to because it was more cost efficient.  I’m not cheap, mind you, I blow all kinds of cash on studio equipment and services but I figured I would rather have a shiny new microphone or preamp than blowing a few grand on a box and the lines.  Makes sense, no?

Well, in the past few months things have been blowing up around here.  I have been given some opportunities to do work which would require ISDN fairly often and my lovely and talented wife Lindsay has been stuck going to a studio near us in the Hamptons that charges 400 bucks per hour.  400 bucks!!  Yikes.

The timing could not be worse as when it finally came time to bite the bullet it would seem that new lines are no longer being offered.  We love our home out here but may even be forced to move out of state if we are not able to provide our clients with the service they require.  A move would be heartbreaking but perhaps necessary.  IP solutions and bridging would not really work as FIOS is not out here and our internet provider does not exactly give us the super high speeds we would need to ensure sessions would not be dropped.

The ironic part (in an Alanis Morissette kind of ironic way) is that I voice quite a lot for Verizon.  I’m the guy on the phone recordings when people have not paid their bill or if there is a service change.  I have done a ton of other stuff for you guys in the past as well.  Heck, we even pay a few hundred bucks a month to you for our cellphones, even when service out here was spotty and we had to get a signal repeater.

So Verizon, my friend, I am on my knees here1: is there any way you can sneak one more line in before throwing in the towel?  We would be eternally grateful and wouldn’t even tell if you don’t want us too.  My wife is an excellent cook and we would be happy to feed the technician.  It would be so worth it.

1. Pathetic, no?

The Sexy New 2013 Voiceover Calendars Are Here!

Stuck on a last minute Holiday gift idea for that special voiceover person in your life?  Need to track the hundreds of days off you’ll have next year?  Have an ugly stain on your wall that needs to be covered up?  Are you just kinda pervy?1  Well you’re in luck!  We have you covered, no matter which way you swing:

Voiceover Vixens 2013 Wall Calendar

Hubba Hubba!


These glossy, full size, spiral bound 2013 wall calendars are now available in the VTP Shop.  Seriously, the ladies look absolutely lovely and there are a few beefcake guys in there if you can get past my hairy gut2 or Schoen’s hypnotic glare.  These were all done with a sense of humor and fun and 100% of the profits will be donated to the Don LaFontaine Voice-Over Lab so pick up 10 or 15 today.

1. Sicko.
2. No refunds!

Free Microphones for Voiceover Talent!

Yup, totally free brand new microphones.  No strings attached:

  • Want a Rode NT-1A microphone bundle?  The super quiet mic that works on a ton of different voices with a capsule based on the 103?  We got that.  Talent and coach J. Michael Collins is graciously providing one for free.
  • Want a Sennheiser 416?  The “L.A. mic”?  The little shotgun that’s used in nearly every promo you hear?  British voice talent James Clamp blew my mind the other day when he told us he is donating one for you guys.  He wont even be there to see your face when you lose your mind.

“But where am I going to put my new microphone Erik?  I live in my parent’s basement and the cement walls echo terribly!”

How about in a brand new Porta-Booth Plus portable recording studio courtesy of voice talent and inventor Harlan Hogan?  We’re giving that away too.

Sadly, the girl is sold separately

Seriously, these guys rock and are super generous.  Click their links above and hire them immediately. Oh yeah, we got books too.  The best voiceover books in the world signed by their authors:

Amazing, no?1

So what’s the catch?  No catch at all.  Just be there on Saturday, December 1st at The 5th Annual New York Voiceover Mixer, put your business card in the bag and wait for us to call your name at 7:00.

“A great time, a chance to network with hundreds of voiceover industry insiders from around the globe AND free stuff?”2

You’re welcome.

1. Yes.  The answer is yes.
2. Don’t forget about the food and drinks. Lots and lots of drinks.

The 2012 New York Voiceover Mixer

This is the big one folks.  Last year we had about 540 attendees from around the world and we expect around the same turnout this year.  There will be more of what has made these mixers so popular: networking with talent, agents, casting directors and others.  You can hand out (and receive) hundreds of business cards, make new connections, win some great prizes and get drunk.  What more could you want?  Every year we hear a ton of stories from people who have attended and found new business partners, a new coach, a new client or at least a bunch of new friends.

This year we figured, since we have you all here, we might as well do some good as well and so we are asking for a 10 dollar (cash please) admission fee and the proceeds will go to the Don LaFontaine Voiceover Lab.  This is a great cause and the foundation is incredibly helpful to our industry.

Please note that after a lot of soul searching, we have decided that this will be the last of the New York Mixer series.  This means that this is possibly your last chance to meet up with such a large group of other voiceover professionals and enjoy an event of this magnitude.  While we have teamed up with The Voxy Ladies this year to present this event, this is YOUR mixer.  Please come help us celebrate the resilience on New York City in the wake of the recent storm (no worries, the power is on and all will be back to normal for the event) and join us one last time in raising a glass to voiceover.

Be sure to check the OFFICIAL SITE for general information, RSVP info and guest / raffle list updates added daily.

How to Audition Like A Champ!

Look, I hear a million auditions a day.  I know which ones suck, which are great and most importantly… which ones get booked.  I can also tell you how to make sure your auditions are in the latter categories.

Check out the details of the latest webinar coming up Wednesday, August 15th though Xtra HERE.

I’ll be candid and honest and awesome as usual and will give you an agents perspective on how to, you know, get work.  There is no way you will leave this thing without completely rethinking the way you have been auditioning.  Heavy.

A little something to get you psyched up:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

The Definitive Method For Delivering Large Audio Files

Dropbox, Box.net, YouSendIt, WeTransfer, DropSend, SendSpace, BigAssFiles.com…

We have seen them all when receiving audio files.  Some of them aren’t half bad (WeTransfer comes to mind) and some of them are absolute horrible messes with download screens covered in ads or deliberately misleading links to malware.  All of them are a bit of a pain (especially when you have to sign up for an account to get your goodies) and seem a bit unprofessional to use.

Some talent have their own built in methods on their websites for delivering audio (have D.C. Douglas send you a file one day, it’s pretty cool), but most require a username and password and can be confusing for the client and a pain for talent to set up.

This method is simpler, quicker, prettier and says to the world, “Hey, I got this covered without the use of third party apps or services.”  You will need your own website (you do have one, right?), and ftp access to same (you do have that, right?) to continue.  I’ll make this simple for the voiceover actors reading:

Step 1: Zip up your audio.  This is essential as not only does it make the file smaller, it might cause your link to just autoplay the audio in you recipients browser if you don’t.

Step 2: Create a blank subfolder under your site’s main domain called “Delivery” or something similar.

Step 3: In your ftp client drag over any zipped files you want to send out into the Delivery folder.

Now just send your client an email like this:

Dearest Client,

Your audio is now available for download here:


Hugs and kisses,
VO Talent

That’s it.  When they click on the link in the email they will automatically get a download prompt to save locally:

Note that you can have multiple files in the same zip file to deliver all at once.  Also note that your recipient does not need ftp access on their end and can pretty much be a total moron as all they need to do is click the link in your email.  Also note that this method can be used for delivering any type of file, large or small, so feel free to spread a link to this blog post all over the internet and boost my PageRank.

How to Land a Voiceover Agent

Piles of plastic.  Everywhere.  All the time.

We request CD submissions from talent for multiple reasons and we get them by the boatload.  Most are terrible, some are good, a few are great.  The overwhelming majority will not be invited to join our roster.  We average about one invitation per every 2000 submissions.  That is like one in a million, I think.  I don’t know, I’m not good at math.

The point is it is extremely difficult to impress us.  By “us” I mean Lindsay.  I’m a little easier than she is but she vetoes most of my picks.

Lindsay says "NEIN!"

So how do you get your foot in the door, especially with the notoriously hard to crack New York and Los Angeles agents?  I know exactly how and I’ll tell you…

For a price.  Join us Tuesday, July 31st for the “How to Land Voiceover Agents” webinar presented by our friends at Voice Over X-tra!  You can even sign up for a discount on a second, equally brilliant webinar I will be doing in a few weeks on auditions.  I swear I will be completely candid and will totally spill the beans.  You will leave knowing exactly what it is we look for, what we hate and how to get in our good graces.  CLICK HERE for all the info and help buy Florian a new boat.


Shit Voice Over People Say (videos)

Funny stuff from the lovely and wildly talented Ella James.

Part One:

Part Two:

I Am An Agent

The new meme thing all the cool kids are doing: